Abortion Care Support

If you’re pregnant, supporting someone else who is pregnant or have had an abortion we have resources to help.

Member Support

Abortion Care Providers are made up of a broad range of professionals within and outside of the clinic setting.  In the clinic, provider teams include counselors, nurses, physicians, medical assistants, administrative professionals and volunteers. Outside of the clinic, researchers, lawyers, advocates and community partners contribute to a supportive environment that extends beyond clinic doors.

At Abortion Care Network we provide professional development, networking and direct support to all of these Abortion Care Provider professionals. For example, we host annual national and regional meetings for independent abortion providers and allies to build connections, share knowledge, facilitate research and learn about innovative models for improving patient care. In addition to our conference we provide online webinars, list serves, peer-to-peer support, training resources and direct help from ACN staff and board members.

Additional patient care and clinical support resources and are available to ACN members in our resource library. For non-members seeking additional support or information, contact our Member Services Manager.