The anti-choice movement has been extremely effective at creating a culture that has resulted in the changing of laws, beliefs and behaviors. Our work at the Abortion Care Network seeks to challenge these social norms that bully, shame and marginalize people seeking and providing care.  To create social change we must introduce new perspectives. Check out our latest two initiatives to end harassment and shift abortion stigma:

Celebrate Abortion Care

celebrate-abortion-care-postersThe Celebrate Abortion Care poster series captures the essence of excellent abortion care by shining a bright light on the spaces where patients are cared for… in independent abortion clinics across the country. We teamed up with Heather Ault, founder of 4000 Years of Choice, to develop a poster series celebrating the work of the staff and community clinics that provide patient-centered abortion care to 2 out of every 3 people who have an abortion in the U.S. View all of the posters and come back to our site regularly as new posters are being added to the series every week.


Emergeemerge is a secular (non-religious) discussion and support group for anyone who has had an abortion. Unlike other life experiences, people who have abortions may not have a supportive family or friends with whom they can talk about their experience. Even when someone does have a supportive community, they still may wish to talk opening about their experience with others who have also had an abortion. Emerge was created to fill the gap in after-abortion care – providing non-judgmental, emotional support. ACN Executive Director, Nikki Madsen, developed the successful program and wrote the replication guide and curriculum. ACN provides support to our members to replicate this one-of-a-kind program.