Abortion Care Network launches the Celebrate Abortion Care poster series;
pushing back against stigma and harassment.

Independent abortion care clinics – not doctors’ offices, Planned Parenthood or hospitals – provide 2 out of every 3 abortions in the United States. Yet, their dedication to women, people and families largely goes unnoticed.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. – Nov. 2, 2015 – While the pro-choice community has focused its resources on keeping abortion accessible and protecting providers and patients in the face of elevating anti-choice harassment, the anti-choice movement has been extremely effective at using their resources to create a culture that has resulted in the changing of laws, beliefs and behaviors. To challenge those social norms abortion rights advocates are introducing new perspectives and collaborating with artists to help bring an end to the harassment and marginalization of people seeking and providing abortion care.

“As a visual artist, it’s incredibly exciting to change the culture and conversations surrounding abortion with artistic approaches that engage our hearts, not just our minds. Art is a powerful way to present beautiful stories, and in this case, stories about these very special places where people receive abortion care.” said Heather Ault, Celebrate Abortion Care poster series artist.

As Abortion Care Network member, Peg Johnson, Director of Amy Cousin MD, said upon first seeing the Celebrate Abortion Care poster series, “In a kind of artistic jujitsu, Heather Ault has transformed stigmatized clinics into places of beauty and inspiration.” Abortion Care Network clinic members have been overwhelmed with joy upon seeing their clinics represented as the proud community-based healthcare providers they are.

Abortion Care Network represents more than 70 independent abortion clinics throughout the United States and their allies. “While each of our member clinics has a distinct history and population they serve, they are all targets of abortion stigma. This project not only unites independent abortion care providers on a single landscape to show a diverse picture of what excellent abortion care looks like, but it also seeks to challenge the social norms that shame and marginalize both people seeking and providing abortion care.” said Nikki Madsen, Abortion Care Network Executive Director.

Heather Ault’s innovative poster series shines a bright light on independent abortion providers, the vital healthcare gap they fill and the pride they take in providing people exceptional abortion care.

View the Celebration Abortion Care posters series on Abortion Care Network’s website here: https://www.abortioncarenetwork.org/end-harassment/celebrate/

Media Contacts:

Heather Ault, Visual Artist – 4000 Years for Choice
email: [email protected]

Nikki Madsen, Executive Director – Abortion Care Network
email: [email protected]
phone: 952-406-8125