This week, allegations of improper sexual conduct were made against Dr. Willie Parker.

Abortion Care Network (ACN) is committed to honoring the voices of survivors and creating conditions that support survivors coming forward. Abortion care providers intimately understand abuse, harassment, and trauma. As an organization, ACN supports transformative and restorative justice models that support and offer healing for all involved. 

It is difficult, if not impossible, to create a perfect public statement to address an imperfect situation that involves human beings, trauma, and pain. Sexual misconduct is pervasive and we have long lived in a world that suppresses, disbelieves, and destroys survivors, and we have a responsibility to disrupt this cycle of violence. 

We also live in a world that seeks to annihilate both abortion providers and people of color, and Abortion Care Network is committed to interrupting all systems of oppression. Fear, anti-abortion distortion, and omnipresent racism make this conversation complex and emotional. ACN strives to show up with integrity, vulnerability, and honesty; we commit to listening, analyzing power, and embracing an intersectional analysis.  

Right now, we are working to assess what it means to hold ourselves, our colleagues, our members, and communities accountable to each other. Throughout  this process, we are deeply grateful to be able to look to our values to guide us, to take time to respond thoughtfully, and to center the people who deserve respect when dealing with this incident and our communications going forward.

Sexual harassment, assault, and abuse are systemic problems and neither our movement nor our network is immune.

Abortion Care Network is a small, tight-knit community of people who believe in dignity, respect, and bodily autonomy. We know that our member clinics are committed to providing compassionate reproductive health and abortion care to their patients and their communities. ACN is working to support members who may have been directly impacted by harassment, assault, or abuse. We will continue to work closely with our member clinics to determine what impact this could have or has had on our network, our broader community, and patient care. 
We recognize how triggering conversations about harassment, assault, and abuse can be. It’s important that we take care of ourselves; if you need support or are in crisis, please reach out to:

~ RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
~ The National Domestic Violence Hotline
~ National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs
We are stronger together —  especially  in times like these.
Abortion Care Network