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Network News Spring 2016 Newsletter

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In the News

7 States are quietly moving to restrict abortion access
By Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy, Yahoo Beauty 4/25/2017

Abortion Care Network’s statement on repeal of Title X protections
Medium, 4/2017 

10 Reasons to Celebrate Independent Abortion Care Providers
By Nikki Madsen, Bustle 3/10/2107

Who Are Independent Abortion Care Providers?
Jennifer Thibodeau on Reproductive Left (podcast), 3/10/2017

The real story of abortion providers isn’t one you’ll see in Gosnell
By Nikki Madsen, Rewire 1/25/2017

The Abortion Providers Who Will See Us Though a Trump Presidency
By Nikki Madsen, ThinkProgress 1/11/2017

Your Local Health Clinic Probably Needs More Help Than Planned Parenthood
By Garnet Henderson, VICE 12/2/16

A Quick Guide To Supporting Abortion Providers Who Need It Most
By Jenavieve Hatch, Huffington Post 11/14/16

What Can I Do To Help?!?!
Lady Parts Justice League, 11/15/16

Abortion Clinics In Blue States Are Closing, Too
By Madeleine Schwartz, FiveThirtyEight 5/2/16

Leading During Hostile Times: A Conversation With Yamani Hernandez and Nikki Madsen
By RCRC Staff, RH Reality Check, 1/21/16

Carafem’s ‘spa-like’ abortion clinic part of new U.S. trend
By Matt Kwong, CBC News, 1/2/16

Planned Parenthood Attacks Intensify Pressure on Independent Clinics
By Sharon Johnson, WeNews, 12/21/15

Facing Harassment, Some Abortion Providers Turn To Armed Guards, Bullet-Proof Vests
By Terry Gross, Fresh Air, 12/17/15

Why Abortion Clinics Are Also Closing in Blue States
By Mattie Quinn, Governing, 12/7/15

It’s not just Texas: abortion clinics are rapidly closing in liberal states, too
By Molly Redden, The Guardian, 11/12/15

‘We Are Not Ashamed’: How Abortion Providers Are Pushing Back Against Stigma and Intimidation
By Sarah Lazare, Common Dreams, 10/20/15

As Planned Parenthood Reels, Independent Abortion Clinics Also Suffer—Under the Radar
By Miriam Zoila Pérez, Colorlines, 10/13/15

Planned Parenthood Under Attack by Anti-Abortion Hackers, Politicians
By Katie Klabusich, Rolling Stone, 7/31/15

The War on Women Is Over—and Women Lost
By Molly Redden and Donna Ferrato, Mother Jones, September/October 2015 Issue

Press Releases

11/2/2015 – Abortion Care Network launches the Celebrate Abortion Care poster series

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