Financial Assistance

The Abortion Care Network offers information about paying for an abortion and financial help for an abortion.

Will my insurance cover the costs of my abortion?

Many insurance plans cover the costs of both surgical and non-surgical abortions.  We recommend that you call your chosen clinic and ask if they accept your particular insurance plan.  

 Can I get financial help to pay for my abortion?

Our independent clinics are like every other private medical office.  They have to pay certain expenses (medical equipment, staff salaries, security, etc.) and they do not receive any government funding to help defray those costs.  Still, members of the Abortion Care Network have done an extraordinary job of keeping the cost of abortion accessible to most women.  Most clinics will not perform an abortion for free, except in very unique and compelling circumstances.  You might ask if they have a local abortion fund to refer you to.  Also, there are some national funding networks that might be able to help you with the cost of your abortion.  Go to the following websites for more information: National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF).

I am on Medicaid.   Will that program pay for my abortion?

There are currently 19 states that allow Medicaid to pay for abortions in some or all circumstances.   Check with your clinic to see if they accept Medicaid or if they offer a discount to Medicaid patients in states where the program will not pay for an abortion. Medicaid should pay for your abortion if your pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or if your life would be endangered if you did not have an abortion.  NNAF has a list of states that cover abortion services for women with Medicaid. The Hyde Amendment passed by the US Congress prohibited federal programs like Medicaid, government worker insurance, military insurance to pay for abortion. In states where abortion is covered the state government pays for this health care.

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